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Welcome to Sprout

I could articulate my love for children and desire to teach from a young age. I grew up with a mom who was a trained educator, so many of my childhood memories revolve around discovery and creating. However, learning did not come easy to me. I struggled to read and write, and I am still amazed that I made it through twelve years of public school reading only one chapter book.

Because of the challenges I faced learning, I never dreamed of graduate school, becoming a professor or even owning my own business. Yet, the guidance of one college professor helped me see that learning was possible when it was paired with passion. He often recounted that holding a doctorate was not about intelligence, but rather passion and drive. There were many days and sleepless nights that I recited those words in my head as I pushed through the dissertation process like an elephant in quicksand.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunities education afforded me. Because of my experiences, I understand the frustration many children feel as they see their peers excel with new concepts. I connect with students who pretend they don't care because it is easier than looking like you don't understand. I see myself when a child feels like giving up because it is easier than trying and still not "getting it."

These experiences have shaped me into an educator that approaches learning from a diagnostic perspective. Through this lens, I help children improve upon their weaknesses and believe in themselves. Nothing can stop a child who realizes their intelligence and abilities. This is why I teach...because I want to be the one that helps your child realize the world that exists with passion and drive.


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