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Professional Learning

Providing quality, engaging and authentic professional learning is an essential component of what creates effective schools and districts.  SPROUT Services specializes in differentiated professional development that is focused on the knowledge, roles and needs of the audience.

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Mentoring & Coaching

Investing in faculty and staff with specialized mentoring and coaching is one of the most important factors in the success of personnel. SPROUT Services gathers data regarding the specific needs of individual personnel and provides modeling and teaching targeted to these areas. This service helps educators grow their confidence in their individual teaching practices in a supportive manner.


Special Project Consulting

Schools and districts are oftentimes pulled in numerous directions with little time to conduct special projects that would further enhance their success.  SPROUT Services fills that gap by conducting needs assessments, then developing and executing detailed plans that oftentimes include leveraging local funding and resources to decrease the overall school or district cost. 

Don't see your service needs here? Contact me and let's discuss.

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