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Family Feud: Christmas Edition

In March, when stay at home orders were given, I began organizing weekly virtual game nights with my nieces and nephews. The time we spent together was what I looked forward to most each week. When school resumed, our schedules were too busy to convene weekly. However, the holidays have brought about extra time, and tonight we resumed our weekly tradition. I had no idea how much I'd missed our time together. Once our game night ended, I received texts from both my sister and brother about the amount of laughter they'd heard in their homes.

This time is tough...on everyone! Thankfully, there are ways to connect safely that allow some sense of normalcy during the Christmas season. In an effort to spread the holiday spirit, I'm sharing the Family Feud: Christmas Edition PPT and answer sheet I created for our game night. Hopefully, you can host your own virtual event. May it bring you as much laughter and joy as it brought us tonight.

Find it HERE or under the resources tab and in the miscellaneous folder.


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